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By Richard Smith

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ISBN-13: 9780788505614

I've got stumbled on this Coptic dictionary to be very worthy in lots of methods. it's convenient, functional, and fairly thorough for its dimension. And more straightforward at the eyes than Crum's because of a extra glossy typeface.

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Seal TCJDcuBe, T O O B ^ repay; m. repayment T B A ten thousand, myriad TO [TAeie MATTO R^oyo Toe, TBBO [ T O y B O ] , TFBe-,TB"BO** ToyBHoyTt, ToyBAeiTt ] [ T O y BA^ ] , TBBHy t [TOyBHyt, cleanse, purify (caus. of oyon); m. purification, purity T F N H , pi. T ^ N O o y e m. farm animal: cow, donkey, etc. TBHp m. kick fsc m. heel T C D F C , T B C -, T O B C ^ goud, incitc, prod T B T , THBT m. fish T O B T B , T F T C O B ^ form, invent TCDB2, T B 2 T O B Z ^ P^ciy, osk; m. prayer T e K - , T o o K ^ V.

They R T o o y N , R T ( j u o y N then N o y T q , N e T q - , N E T B - , NOTqt loosen, dissolve, relax; m. relaxation N C T q p c D ^ smile N T o q p J T A q ] personal pronoun 3rd person sing. masc. he, it R T o q [ R T A q ] but, rather, on the contrary [ R T A 2 ^ ] V. R T A ^ conj. z^ 19 20 FTTHd RTH6 NAY m. planty weed [N€:Y] ( e - ) , imper. A N A Y NAY €:BOA [NABOX] ATNAY epo^ [^^NAY] see, look at; m. sight, vision see invisible time, moment NAY [N€;Y] hour, NOY ^ ' ^ ^ o f ^2iy when?

Fight, struggle, battle M o o c y e [MAA2€^, M x ^ e ] walk, go, travel, wander; MHHcye [MHu^e ] MHHcye Mcyip m. journey n a m e o f 6th E g y p t i a n m o n t h Moyq^T, M€U^T test, examine, reflect, consider environs, district inappropriate, not fitting ( n e g . of c y c i ^ e ) MOu^T^ MO<9Te, Moocye M e c y a ^ e , Mcyo^e ^e pi. m. nest Moyz^^^Z[MXZ'],^xz^yf^€^ZU^^Z^ MBZ' MOY2 bum, flash look MA^e m . CM^JV MOY2 Mxzc] [mxxzc, fill, complete, amount to prefix t o o r d m a l n u m b e r s V.

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