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By Richard Smith

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MO, pi. M M H e i T R take! M o y , M o o y T t [MxyTt, M A o y x t ] die, be dead^; m. death N A M o y is dying ( N A future auxihary) Moye f. KMeK],MeKMoyK*^ [ M o y K M o y K ^ ] ponder, meditate, consider; m. thought MXKZ m. neck MoyK2, MeK2MOK2^ afflict, oppress MKA2> '^<=>»<^Z^ ^e painful, difficult; pi. pain, difficulty, grief X\RKXZ suffer R K A 2 R ^ H T m. pain,grief MexcoT f. ceiling MX A 2, pi. MX002 m. battle, fight Moyx2,MOX2^,MOX2^ salt,besalty MXZ n. salt Moyx2 m. wax Moy X2, Mox^*^ ^xxz^ ], MOX2^ be bound to, attached to, fasten, involve [ M A M H e , M A M i e ] truly w.

Life con,€n-,on^ [xn^],Hnt count, calculate, consider, be counted"^, reckoned^, belong"^ H n e f number CJDpB, cJDpq, E P B o p B ^ , o p B t restrict, surround, enclose p B e i. enclosure, pen cJDpK, opK=^ swear, invoke; m. X o p . X ^ [ x p e JC^ ] be firm, secure, confirm, fasten, imprison; m. firmness, assurance cjDCK, o C K t delay, continue, spend time [cJDce] V. cjD^C reap CJDC6,CJD6C,oc6t anoint CDTN,ern-, OTn^ [xTn^],ornt shut, enclose, imprison cjDTn,XTN-,OTn^,OTnt load CTNCJD f. burden CU T 2, o T 2 1 tie, sew, weave C J D T ^ V.

Spring, fountain M A y A A ^ , M A y A A T ^ ulone V . o y c D T eTRMAy CM Ay Meeye, Meye Moyeiooye [ M e o y e , M e y o y e ] (e-) remember tMeeye suggest, hint, remind MOoyTt be dead^ v. M o y pHMceye R- MoyoyT, M o y T M e y T M O o y T ^ balance M e a ^ e , M e c p A ^ does not know M e a ^ e NIM so-and-so M e q ^ A K [ M e u ^ e K e ] perhaps MAO^e f. kill m. think, believe; water m. thought, mind 17 N- m . multitude, crowd R- many M i c p e fight, attack; m. fight, struggle, battle M o o c y e [MAA2€^, M x ^ e ] walk, go, travel, wander; MHHcye [MHu^e ] MHHcye Mcyip m.

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