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By Dave Eggers

In a emerging Saudi Arabian urban, faraway from weary, recession-scarred the United States, a suffering businessman pursues a last-ditch try to stave off foreclosures, pay his daughter’s university institution, and eventually do whatever nice. In A Hologram for the King, Dave Eggers takes us around the globe to teach how one guy fights to carry himself and his splintering relatives jointly within the face of the worldwide economy’s gale-force winds. This taut, richly layered, and elegiac novel is a robust evocation of our modern second — and a relocating tale of the way we came.

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And so I realized this morning as I shook myself out of the dream that not a single thing I do can make a difference. Whether I was a longhead or just a short head, nothing really matters, not a goddamn thing. I might as well be a longhead. Get it? Do you get what I’m saying? I was looking at the sun, at Barbara and the men came back. So even in the sunlight, where everything is lit up, illuminated or whatever, I still was blind to the fact that I was pretty much the same thing as them. What I was doing and what they were doing were the same.

I should’ve been one of those longheads. ” He made a face of disgust. Peachy’s eyes bugged out of his head in shock. He never gave much attention to what he considered just mutated freaks of war. In fact, he never gave much thought to politics in general and for all he cared, the country could blow itself up along with the rest of the world. But to think his boss was intimately involved; that was incredible. I guess there’s more to Aaron than just money and squid-smelling. Peachy nodded his head 41 THE LONGHEADS and listened as his boss went on.

Screams echoed through the streets as the terrified pedestrians ran to take cover. Peachy ignored them and went back into his car. His mood quickly darkened as he realized that more shit had leaked out of his diaper and had formed a trail along the street. After getting back into the car and pulling away, he ejected the Joy Division cassette from the car stereo and continued the ride in silence. In honor of his great uncle, he kissed his warm, ivory gun and pretended it was a boot. ” After being threatened with a law enforcement gang-bang, he was less worried about Peachy.

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