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By Benjamin Wiker

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Significant or meaningless? functional or unnecessary? after we examine nature, even if at our dwelling earth or into inner most area, what will we locate? In stark distinction to modern claims that the area is incomprehensible, Benjamin Wiker and Jonathan Witt show a cosmos charged with either which means and function. Their trip starts off with Shakespeare and levels via Euclid's geometry, the fine-tuning of the legislation of physics, the periodic desk of the weather, the artistry of standard elements like carbon and water, the intricacy of organic organisms, and the irreducible drama of medical exploration itself. alongside the way in which, Wiker and Witt type a powerful argument from proof in nature, one who rests neither on non secular presuppositions nor on a simplistic view of nature because the better of all attainable worlds. of their exploration of the cosmos, Wiker and Witt locate the entire demanding situations and surprises, all the secret and magnificence one expects from a piece of genius.

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Pp. 15–45. ” And yet the Church was able to form and sustain disciples. To ears used to hearing the confident assertions of modernity, this may seem a curious, almost unintelligible, claim. ” It seems unintelligible, because Christian ethics names the compromise theology made in modernity, by which Christian convictions would still have a hearing in contemporary debates so long as they were detached from the Church’s practices. This book challenges the notion of “Christian ethics” because it seeks to reunite convictions to practices, specifically the key practices of the liturgy, thereby revoking the compromise theology has made in modernity.

Pp. 30–45 and 112–38. MacIntyre, Alasdair (1984) After Virtue: A Study in Moral Theory, 2nd edn. (London, Duckworth), esp. pp. 146–64, 204–25. Milbank, John (1997) The Word Made Strange: Theology, Language, Culture (Oxford, and Cambridge, MA: Blackwell), esp. pp. 219–32. Niebuhr, Reinhold (1941) The Nature and Destiny of Man, 2 vols. (Welwyn: James Nisbet). Presbyterian Church, USA (1983) Book of Confessions (Louisville: Office of the General Assembly) esp. 001. Temple, William (1976) Christianity and Social Order, with a Foreword by Edward Heath (London: SPCK).

The kingship of Christ is, indeed, exercised in a prophetic and priestly way; but the Church worships Christ because of his sovereignty, not because of his style. He is king not because he is good, but because he is God; not because he is just, but because he is true. Christ achieved things the Church could never have achieved, and because Christ achieved them the Church does not need to. To take upon itself a kingly ministry thus either assumes that Christ was not victorious, or that he no longer reigns.

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